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Writing Effective SEO Copy For Your Blog

Writing Effective SEO Copy For Your Blog Posted by on Apr 27, 2018

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Writing Effective SEO Copy For Your Blog

If you use search engines to look for relevant information on the web, you probably know the difference by now what good and bad SEO copy looks like. It’s a real disappointment to visit a website when you’re looking for targeted information and finding the site having info that is vague. These websites are usually filled with information you don’t need and the content that is available is badly structured and poorly written. The visitors to your site should be treated better and they shouldn’t feel turned down when they view your page. This is why your site needs to be optimized for the most current keywords along with high quality, relevant content. You can achieve this in many different ways. Before you learn the ins and outs of SEO copywriting, you must understand that SEO copywriting takes effort. You can’t just use the some cheap article spinning software to create your content, but instead use a skilled way to write copy that makes sense to both human readers and search engines.

It’s very common for SEO copywriters to ignore both internal and external hyperlinks. When we refer to internal hyperlinks, it’s when you create links to other pages within your site that are relevant to your site’s content. Not only will this help the reader navigate your site, but it will also increase the time that person spends there. Search engines love internal linking that’s done properly, so you’ll obviously be giving a green light to those search engines. Also, don’t ignore the ALT tags. External links, the links that point to external sources, can help you in two ways. The first way they help is by validating you from a third party, and the second is that they give you the opportunity to link with that resource’s affiliate program or you can opt for reciprocal linking. Don’t worry, the search engines will reward you whether it’s internal links or external, as long as they go with the content on your site. When you’re writing the title, use the h1 tag since Google highly values it. But you must have the same words in the title as are present in the text. Even though most people ignore it, h1 tag is one of the most important SEO tips that can quickly boost your rankings. Also, you’ll want to include the h2 tag for the sub headings.

Images on websites are explained with captions, which are usually overlooked by readers. Remember that Google understands both images and their uses.

Thus, it’s vital that you include captions that start out with the terms you are targeting as it will help Google get an idea of your desired outcome. In conclusion, writing for the search engines should be your topmost priority if you want your site to rank well and get organic traffic that converts.

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3 Local SEO Tips that Give Results

Few things compare to times when business is booming and you’re able to reach more of your local potential customers. Every business has some kind of a local presence, so why not tap into the local search traffic and reach out to your prospects? You can achieve greater exposure for your site with the help of local SEO, and in case you don’t know SEO means search engine optimization. This article will deal with three proven local SEO strategies, and we urge you to use them for your own business.

Local SEO processes are not rocket science, but there are some peculiarities that you have to know if you want to do it right. A big area of local SEO is connected to your ability for acquiring targeted information related to your business from the other sites. What happens is certain types of businesses that specialize in this will make available to you any kinds of helpful information about your business. You’ll find it helpful to list your website with sites such as Localeze or infoUSA.

You need to be careful when you’re doing local business listings, and you don’t want to have multiple listings for local business. So what you’ll want to do is crate a new landing page for each of your store locations. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have multiple listings for the exact same business location. For each listing you do have, then the links will go to your site so they can find out about all your different locations. What you don’t want to do is send multiple listings to the exact same landing page.

To make it easier to rank in the search engines for a certain area you should consider having your site hosted on a server located in the area. Your SEO points will go up since the search engines will connect the server’s location to that of your site. You need to check where the server is before you put your site on it as it can have quite an impact.

Despite the fact that it is still at the beginning, we should expect a lot more from local SEO with the increase in the numbers of launches taking place for localized service companies. It might take a while for you to enjoy the benefits of this local SEO, but once you know the dynamics, you won’t look elsewhere.

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Beneficial And Reliable Blogging Practices

If you want your blog to be successful, not only should you blog regularly, but you need to manage it as well. Successful blogging really comes down to learning how to do properly, and if you have little time, this can be difficult to do. You always get more traffic at some point, so don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes along the way. All you can do is learn from the mistakes that you make, and make sure they are corrected at some point.

The following three blogging practices can help you in many ways.

At some point, you are going to need to consider your blogging priorities, as well as your business priorities if you want to succeed. Typically, most web marketers don’t do this, yet the payoff is really huge if it’s actually done. You may be spending most of your time doing the wrong thing if you are not clear about your blogging priorities. Dealing with your comments on your blog can be a time-consuming ordeal. It is essential that you do this, and is extremely valuable to your business. Of course writing content and publishing posts ranks up there with high priority. Time management must then be implemented in order to decide which priorities need to come first.

Blog reader should always know that they can contact you whenever they want. You really cannot control what people will do, and this is actually quite difficult to get going. Your audience, and your readers, should understand you are there for them.

That means having as many ways for them to have some way of making contact. Twitter and Facebook are excellent ways to do this. Standard email also works. If a lot of your audience demographics indicate they’re at other social sites, then use that to your advantage, too. More than likely, you will not find them on LinkedIn, as this is where marketing professionals go, not regular individuals.

Some bloggers can feel intimidated because they know there are other blogs in their niche that are established and successful. Then the usual response is they entertain negative thoughts about their own efforts. This is just a cycle of life, a confrontation that you have to go through in order to succeed. What happens is that people will judge themselves, sometimes too harshly, when doing comparisons. You will not be able to succeed when you have this frame of mind, and your efforts at blogging will more than likely end dismally. Just know that you are capable of also producing a high-quality blog in whatever niche you are in. This is just the start of your journey, the same place that every other blogger had to start at before they became successful. As with most inexperienced bloggers, it is their lack of information which leads them to making the biggest mistakes possible. Of course you make a blog very quickly, but it’s just a framework you develop. Your blog will be successful as long as the content is exceptional.

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How Your Business Can Make an Impact on the Web

There’s no question about it- your business must be online. This might feel optional to you on a personal level and in that case you’d be right. Many aspects of the internet are strictly for fun. But if you want your business to be competitive, it must be easy to find on the internet. You don’t need a multimillion dollar website, or anything close to that, but you do need a website (or some equivalent web presence). Whereas people once used phone books to find out who was offering what services, hardly anyone does this anymore. Where people go now to find the products and services they’re seeking is the internet.

You must have a website. This has already been established. What has yet to be said, though, is that you need more than just a single page that has your business name and your business address and phone number on it. You need to tell people who you are, what you’re about and a description of what you do on your website. You need to have at least three pages on your website. When it comes to the business owner, and the employees, you need to have a special page that tells people what they do for the business.

Telling what the business does, and also how it operates, should be on another page. You need to have one webpage that has specific contact information. This would include your hours of operation, address and phone number. Basically anything to help people reach you.

You have to send out direct mail. You have to think, or at least postulate, this is counterintuitive to a certain degree. If you are trying to attract online potential customers, why do anything off-line at all? Really, this is the point. You need to build your web presence online. It is important to let everyone know that you are there, even those that are off-line most of the time. When you send postcards out, you will have links to your social media profiles and your websites. And when they receive the postcards, if they take action and go to your sites and profiles, you will start getting additional traffic. You can send a letter with the postcard as well. It’s all about providing a benefit, such as a coupon or discount code, which will motivate them to go to your site and buy something.

List your business in niche centric directories. Are you selling a certain product? Are you niche specific with your products? Some directories will cater to certain audiences. Depending upon your particular niche, only list your product or service in the directory that focuses on your niche. If you do list in multiple unrelated directories, Google could slap you for this, plus you would be looked at as a spammer by flooding the directories with your links. Still, if a directory relates to your niche or audience, make sure you have a presence within it. It is easy enough to do. Simply use directories you know about, and find others related to your niche that you can use later.

It really doesn’t have to be too difficult to build up a web presence for your business. It does, however, take time and diligence. If you want your web presence to succeed and get larger, you need to do a little bit of this everyday if you can. If you want to build your web presence even more, just keep going. It is astounding how quickly it can build and how profitable this can become. Just keeping moving forward, and you’ll be fine. You should be happy with the results that you accomplish.

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