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Are you struggling to get any meaningful traffic to your site? How could your SEO improve? Is your website good enough? How can you get your site to rank higher? Why won’t my rankings ever seem to improve? These questions and all variations – things we hear day in and day out. Nobody can give one simple answer to all of this, it’s all on a specific case by case basis. The things keeping your site back could be completely different than what you may think, sometimes you don’t even know until you go in and just try things and analyze the results. Trial and error is a very strong tool in your analysis.

So, What Is SEO?

Here at Raleigh SEO Agency, we focus on and specialize in digital marketing and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (We’ll refer to it as SEO from here on out) is one of if not the most critical aspect of online marketing as a whole. Google literally processes billions of search every day on average, and a large majority of searchers never venture off of the first page. So with that said, if you’re not up there, you really aren’t going to be found much if at all. SEO isn’t something you do a little bit of when it crosses your mind, it has to be done as a whole long-term working process. Even if you put up the very best site ever made with tons of optimized pictures, cool features, and loaded to the brim with keywords, you can’t expect to suddenly rank #1 and be the supreme site for your keyword. Getting Google to trust and promote your site in its search results can take a while, having high quality site links put out on a regular basis are great ways to get your site ranking up.

Raleigh SEO Is Extremely Competitive

People with more limited knowledge about SEO will likely either see it as too hard to worry about, or seemingly too simple to be important. We are here to tell you that it is SO important! We are proud of our ability to take a site, in any condition, and while NOBODY (don’t believe otherwise) can get it to #1 in a week, you will certainly see increases in ranking over time. You CAN find services out there that will claim to boost your rankings fast and for cheap. This may work for an extremely short period of time, but the methods they usually use are not desirable, like spamming a bunch of backlinks in one short time. These negative actions stick to site, they can hurt your site very bad over time. This is what’s known as “black hat” SEO and it is BAD. It will get you penalized or blacklisted in no time, it’s so not worth it overall.

Why Does Rank Matter?

Some people may have their own reasons but far more often than not, it’s to make money. You have a website so that you can show your goods/services off to potential customers and offer them information on the go. No mater why you try to rank, ranking higher in Google will lead to more website traffic. More traffic should always in turn mean more business for your website. We can help you with all aspects of your website, from content to adding in new area pages, to press releases and social media marketing, we can do it all!

SEO Is An Ongoing Process

Just because you are ranking #1 today doesn’t mean you are immune from dropping down to #9 tomorrow. This is especially true if you’re not keeping up with your ongoing SEO. Keywords are often very competitive, you’ve got tons of other sites trying to rank for it and working on their SEO daily. Keep this in mind if you think of pausing your SEO, the internet is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive! Google changes their algorithm every now and again, this can make for big ranking changes and takes time to figure out how exactly they changed it. One little change could temporarily tank your rankings, but don’t be concerned short-term, as we have discussed, rankings are volatile and sometimes change one way just to quickly return. As long as your SEO stays properly maintained by a professional company like us, you should be good to go!

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