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Search Engine Optimization Agency Chapel Hill NC

Small business is just a different thing all together than big business, but all share the same end goal. The only thing that differs may be the road to get there. In the end, we want to put your name out there in front of more people, and get more of them to know you! Even if you got a million views on your site in one week, it means nothing if none of those are converting or remembering to come back to your services later. New and returning customers offer you different things, but more than all you want to be retaining these long-term returning customers.

The people that come back are the ones most likely to keep spending more money with you. Once web traffic starts picking up for you, you can expect to have more money in your pocket at the end of every week. We focus on maintaining existing and acquiring new customers whenever we can. Chapel Hill is a very diverse place in terms of residents and business. It’s an amazing area of the state, it will be competitive to try and rank here but when you do, you’ll reap the benefits. Depending on the keyword you’re going for, you could find yourself flooded over with calls and contacts!

Rank Better, Do Better!

It’s estimated that the first page of any given Google result gets a good 75-85% of the total clicks. We can narrow that down even further to assume that the first three results get the majority of those click, especially if you’re lucky enough to be at #1! If those numbers don’t tell you something about the value of these coveted ranking spots, it’s hard to say what will. In the technologically driven world we live in, good SEO is basically something you need to stay relevant and attract new customers in any real quantity.

Physical marketing techniques can be effective in their own right, but nothing will be as cheap and efficient as online marketing in the end.¬†Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine rankings. Google local. Google maps. YouTube videos. Facebook business pages. Twitter. LinkedIn. Directory listings. Reputation management. We can handle many different things for your business, allowing you to focus more on the business itself. The more people know about your amazing company and services/products, the more likely they’ll be to come to you when they need anything! We want the people of Chapel Hill to receive only the highest quality services/goods, and we hope that that’s you! Be the company that people think of when they need a certain product/service. Make a lasting positive impression, they do make a difference.

How Can We Rank Well?

We’ve been working with search engines and websites for a long time now. Long enough to feel sure about the things we do, and on the other hand know what doesn’t work. Google will go through algorithm changes every once in a while. At times they’ll temporarily throw rankings all over the place, but in the end the changes tend to even out and be quite minimal. Ranks are extremely volatile by nature. With so many moving parts and influencing aspects, it doesn’t take many drops or changes to really turn a site around for the worse. Even if something drastic did happen and your ranks were overall lower, we would be more than ready to jump in there, find out why, and do our best to get it fixed up. It used to be infinitely easier to rank a website than it currently is, mostly just due to increased competition and the amount of technology used today.

The sheer number of websites out there today alone can make it hard to be found for certain keywords. Search engines only scan the very surface of the web, yet Google has claimed to have over 30 trillion webpages indexed. It’s hard to even picture that many web pages, it’s an astronomical amount. It takes more than a good URL and some keywords to beat out all of that! Beyond the sheer amount of competition, Google is smart. They know what’s spam and what isn’t. They will GLADLY penalize you if you break any of their rules. SEO needs to be an ongoing effort if you want to stay successful. Even if you’re so far about the competition in SEO terms that you think they could never beat you, don’t try it out. You need to aways tell yourself everyone ranked under you is trying to over take you, it’s likely that that’s true. So if you stop your SEO you may stay on top for a while, maybe even as long as year or so! But your competition will catch up. You’re very likely to drop hard and fast at that point, it won’t be pretty. Raleigh Direct Marketing has the knowledge and resources to get your business to a competitive level! We’ve been doing work all over the triangle for years now, we are proud of the part we play in local businesses and communities.